Monday, June 9th, 7:30 p.m.

Signal Theatre (Toronto) | A Soldier’s Tale

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Photo by David Hou

A Soldier’s Tale is a tour de force performance created by choreographer Michael Greyeyes and Signal Theatre with playwright Tara Beagan.  Pro soldier, but anti-war, this dance-theatre production in two acts asks hard questions, confronts stereotypes and with both traditional and abstract movement and text examines the aftermath of war on the soldiers who wage it and their families who survive its consequences with them.

“The action takes place in Saskatchewan as soldiers return from the Second World War [then] jumps six decades to the age of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, where the clear-cut, good-versus-evil drivers of earlier wars became morally muddy. Yet, different though wars may be, the soldier’s experience — the fear, the struggle to survive, the residual guilt — remain constant.”
– Michael Crabb, The Toronto Star

Cast: Louis Laberge-Côté, Ana Groppler, Keith Barker, Michael Caldwell, PJ Prudat, Jamie Mackzo, Kate Holden, Daniel McArthur, Nancy Latoszewski, Ceinwen Gobert, Brendan Wyatt, Eva Greyeyes, Lilia Greyeyes

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When: Monday, June 9th, 7:30 p.m.
Where:  NAC Theatre, 53 Elgin Street
Tickets:  $35 adults, $25 students, seniors and CADA
Duration: 2hr (including intermission)

About Signal Theatre:

Michael Greyeyes founded Canadian-based Signal Theatre in 2010.  Emitting images, ideas and stories, Signal Theatre is committed to the collaborative process, experimentation, and intercultural research. Signal explores both physical and text-based theatre, which moves through the disciplines of dance, opera, music, design and the spoken word.  For more information, click here.

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