Danielle Sturk | Rachel Browne: A Good Madness (preview)

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Photo by: Boris Minkevich

This feature length dance film (preview) / portrait of an artist captures the power of the dance created by Rachel Browne (1934-2012), Canadian dance icon and founder of Canada’s oldest professional modern dance company, Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, shedding light on the imprint that she has left on those who danced with and alongside her. We enter into the performance of Rachel Browne’s choreography through the dance artists performing her work, and discover the artist, the feminist, the mentor and the woman. This film seeks out a visceral and visual understanding of Rachel Browne, through her body of dance work, and through the bodies and souls of the artists who have danced with her. Despite many challenges and personal trauma, and because of them, Rachel Browne chose to survive and to adapt, exposing a raw desire to create dance to the exclusion of all else, welcoming personal and artistic transformation. Through this film we get close to Rachel Browne. We see through the dance right into her. And we find a curious, outstanding, private human worthy of the lens we turn toward her soul; an inspiration to all of us to endure, to just do, to not put on airs, and to live our life honestly.

Watch a video clip for Rachel Browne: A Good Madness (preview)

Bathtub Bran Danielle Sturk





Photo by Bathtub Bran

Filmmaker Danielle Sturk jumps in the tub with Bathtub Bran to discuss her film preview on Rachel Browne at CDF 2014.

When: Friday, June 13th, 2014, 3:00 p.m.
Where: National Art Gallery
Tickets: $5 but free with full-festival  pass

About Danielle Sturk:

Danielle Sturk is an independent film artist, creating in documentary and experimental forms. Her combined short films have been screened at over twenty film festivals and many broadcast on Radio Canada, APTN, MTS TV, TV5 and TFO since 2004. A multi-disciplinary artist, Danielle Sturk began her career as a dance artist and choreographer, performing nationally and internationally from 1986-1997 with companies such as Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, The Anna Wyman Dance Theatre, Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault, Fondation Margie Gillis, William Douglas Danse, Jane Mappin Danse, and Graffiti Tango, which she co-founded and co-directed in Montreal from 1990-1996. Danielle continues to work in the world of performance, collaborating as artistic director or director for a number of multidisciplinary stage productions and special events, live performance to television, as well as one-off radio programs.  For more information, click here.

This film is supported by:

-Canadian Council for the Arts
-Manitoba Arts
-Stories from Home / MTS on demand
-Winnipeg Film Group

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