Saturday, June 14th, 5:00 p.m.

Double Bill Two

Caroline Niklas-Gordon

Newfoundland  0346 rev1Tilting-Resettlement, a solo dancework by Caroline Niklas-Gordon traces the many challenges that come with change. As it unfolds the dance tells a poignant story of resettlement, particularly that of the people from the Newfoundland outports, who were asked to relocate to larger centres. Some went with their homes in tow, floating them along the Atlantic. Told from inside a room in a floating house, as the water tilts the floor, it shifts mind and body, tests one’s will, uncovering courage, resilience and even humour.

Photo by Pat Zeust

Lee Su-Feh / battery opera (Vancouver)

New Image-ALee Su-Feh’s Everything is a ritual of arriving – a negotiation between the history carried in a dancer’s body and the history of the territory on which she dances. The solo performer negotiates an environment of smoke and numbers, flying objects and the rigorous beauty of Barry Truax’s electro-acoustic score, Sequence of Earlier Heaven.

Brainy and bawdy are words that kick around in your brain when you think about battery opera.” – The Vancouver Sun


Photo by Yvonne Chew


When: Saturday, June 14th, 5:00 p.m.
Where: Arts Court Theatre, Second Floor, 2 Daly Ave
Tickets: $ 25 adults, $ 20 students and seniors
Duration: 55m

About Caroline Niklas-Gordon:

Born in Kutna Hora, Czechoslovakia in 1973, Caroline Niklas-Gordon started travelling and moving at an early age, first to Marseille, France, followed by Malta, Prague, Ottawa and finally Newfoundland. Along the way she learned three languages and began ballet training with her mom who was a highly acclaimed principal dancer with numerous companies. She danced with The National Ballet (Prague) before returning to North America where she danced independently, performing in works by Anne Troake, Oleg Briansky, David Earle, Jaroslav Slavicky among others. At one point she ran away with the circus, joining Circus Orange on their tour to Montreal and PEI.

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About battery opera:

battery opera was founded in 1995 by dancer/choreographer Lee Su-Feh and writer/singer David McIntosh.  The work of Battery Opera interrogates the contemporary body as a site of intersecting and displaced cultures, histories and habits. Underlying their performances is a dynamic dialogue and mutual attraction between opposing tensions, an exchange that is sensitive to the nuances of power and influence in the socio-political history we have inherited.

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