Le Grand Continental® – Sylvain Émard Danse (Montreal)

Photo by Robert Etcheverry

Our flagship event in CDF 2013 is a large-scale community dance project created by Montreal-based choreographer Sylvain Émard. Le Grand Continental® is a festive dance piece that combines elements of line dancing with contemporary dance and includes a multi-generational cast of 120 amateur volunteer dancers from the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Presented in partnership with the National Gallery of Canada.

Where: The National Gallery of Canada Plaza at 380 Sussex Drive.
When:  Saturday June 15, 2pm and Sunday June 16, 2pm and 4pm

The cast of Le Grand Continental Ottawa 13′

Lynn Arseneault, Kathryn Baker, Megan Beahen, Brigitte Beaulne-Syp, Benoît Béland, Lorna Bell, Laura-Jane Benoit, Gabrielle Berard, AgatheBinette, Madeleine    Bluteau, Isabelle Boucher, Safae Boutiyeb, Marie-Anne Burgess, CarolBurnup, Mona Caillet, Carolle Caouette, Barbara Carriere, Tania Carriere, Lorraine Carson, Dorothy Char, Gregory Charles, Kelly Christie, Nora Connolly, Gilles Côté, Jackson Couse, Marie Crevier, Fannie Dagenais, Joanne Demers, Claire Depoe-Collins,Marie Claude Dicaire, Annkathrin Diehl, Kathy Dillon, Susan Doherty, Marisa  Dowswell, Samantha Elapata-Gunaratne, Eleri Evans, Jackie Flowers, Marjolaine Flynn, Paulette Francis, Corinne Garcia, Sean Gates, Rhéal Gauthier, Micheline Gilbert, Melanie Giroux-Cook, Arianne Gravel, Dany Hamel, Judith Haney, Julia Horvath, Alain Houde, Annick Huard, Cheryl Hyslop, Lucie Jauvin, Stephanie Kale, John Kershman, Shane Kyle, Marie-Chantale Labbe-Jacques, Eliane Laberge, Louise Lafreniere, Corinne Lassaline, Louise LeBlanc, Monique Leger, Magali Lemele, Maria Lunney, Laurie MacEachern, Beth MacLeod, Julie Martineau, Ashley Matthews, Evelyne  McElroy, Carol Michalyna, Lysianne McNeely, Daniel Monoogian, Natalie Mumford, Laura Murphy, Tatiana Nemchin, Monique Newton, Anca Nicolin, Claudette Noël, Franny Nudelman, Beverly Papove, Chelsea Passmore Richard Paukstaitis, Martha Plaine, Tara Porter, Vanessa Preston, Sylvie Proulx, Maude Prud’Homme, Luc Racine, Prudence Rajaobelina, Maria Reid, Michael Rockwood, Chantal Rodier, Bee Rootham, Mana Rouholamini, Vanessa Schneider, Ian Seabrook, Jennifer Sheffield, Nicole Smith, Cynthia Stirbys, Doug Thicke, Helen Triantafellou, Ginette Turgeon, Dorota Turlejski, Heidi  Vandenbroeke, Alejandra Vera, Susan Verret, Susie Ward, Terri Wartski, Heather Weinrich, Helen White, Becky Wright, Noga Zaitzov-Hassin, Linda Zaremba, Yan Zhang

Le Grand Continental Rehearsal Directors

Kirsten Anderson, Christine Couture, Amelia Griffin, Julia Gutsik, Siôned Watkins
Generously supported by the Community Foundation of Ottawa

and the National Gallery of Canada




Rehearsal sponsor: the Rideau Curling Club

Founded in 1987, Sylvain Émard Danse has continually evolved throughout its twenty-five year history, creating, touring and performing across Canada and internationally. During the company’s early years, artistic director and choreographer Sylvain Émard created works characterized by a strong theatrical aesthetic while in later choreographies he has moved towards a more formal dance style featuring virtuoso performers. Known for his fluid gestures, energetic and sensual movement, Émard’s dances explore the territory of human nature through the power of the body making works that are evocative and introspective.

Sylvain Émard Danse has a long history with the Canada Dance Festival performing a number of commissioned and co-produced works over the past twenty-five years, most recently in 2010 with Fragments – Volume I. They make a welcome return in 2013 with their internationally acclaimed dance project Le Grand Continental® in its first Canadian presentation outside of their home city of Montreal.

Originally created in May 2009, Le Grand Continental® premiered during the Festival TransAmériques (FTA). Co-produced by the FTA, this unique show included some sixty amateur dancers of varying ages performing outdoors on Émery Street in Montréal. Invited back by popular demand, this contagious spectacle was reprised for 125 performers under the title Le Très Grand Continental at FTA in June 2010 and again in May 2011 with Le Grand Continental XL featuring a cast of 200.  Le Grand Continental® is a concept that travels well with recent versions performed in New York City, Philadelphia, Portland (Oregon). The concept was even exported to Mexico City to become El Gran Continental, a joyous blend of Latin social dances and contemporary dance.

Le Grand Continental® was co-produced by the Festival TransAmériques 
and Sylvain Émard Danse