Spatial Pull – Gerry Morita / Mile Zero Dance


Spatial Pull is a dance work that takes place on a staircase. Dancers in formal evening wear tumble down the steps in slow and fluid motion, leaving a trail of shoes and scarfs and shawls in their wake. Created by Edmonton-based dancer/choreographer Gerry Morita, the primarily improvised performance incorporates contemporary dance movement, elements of contact improv, a traditional Japanese Butoh technique called Noguchi Taiso and no small amount of gravity.

Thanks to our performers:  Choreographer Gerry Morita,  Lindsay Bach,  Dorothy Char, Kenneth Emig, Nicola Henry, Jolyane Langlois, Frithjof Lutscher, Kaia Nightingale, Chelsea Passmore, Krista Posyniak, Melissa Roy, Madeleine Shen and  Victrola DJ Patrick Arles-Pilon.

Where: the corner of Sussex and Rideau
When: Friday, June 14 at 2pm

Company Bio

Gerry Morita is as dancer, choreographer, improviser, performance artist and teacher whose body of work involves continuous inquiry into new ways of seeing movement, sound, and the spaces between us. She studies and teaches contact improvisation, Noguchi Taiso and other somatic-based techniques. As Artistic Director of Mile Zero Dance in Edmonton, Alberta for the past seven years, she has worked with artists from all disciplines in a vast array of both conventional and site-specific venues such as stairwells, elevators, rock festivals, rivers, parking lots, parking spaces, and more.

She concurrently stages work in theatres. She recently completed an MFA in Theatre Practice from the U of A where she studied under Lin Snelling, researching “ma” or empty space in performance. Her work has taken her to Japan, Turkey, Poland, Estonia and across Canada.

This is the debut performance at the CDF for Mile Zero Dance.