Frédérick Gravel | Grouped’ArtGravelArtGroup (Montréal)

Tout se pète la gueule, chérie


photo : Francis Ducharme

In his Ottawa debut, choreographer Frédérick Gravel takes on the confusion of the contemporary North American male, whether he hails from a bland suburb, a country road or a cowboy movie. Tout se pète la gueule, chérie  is a tale of distraught men, the ordinary run-of-the-mill regular guy: beer, T-shirts, baseball caps, cowboy boots, outbursts of violence, confusion, sudden changes of mood, hesitations and vulnerability, lurching in a drunken haze of powerlessness. All performed to a soundtrack of musical turmoil performed live by musician / collaborator Charles Lavoie and Gravel.

Tout se pète la gueule, chérie walks the line between rock concert, trashy party and performance art. Gravel is a new choreographic voice that challenges our ideas of what dance can be.  Folk rock, live.

Performers:  Nicolas Cantin, Dany Desjardins, Frédérick Gravel and Charles Lavoie

When: Monday, June 8 at 7pm
Where: NAC Studio, 53 Elgin Street
Tickets: $25  (BUY TICKETS)
Duration: 60 minutes

NOTE: show contains nudity

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About the Company:
The works of Frédérick Gravel and Grouped’ArtGravelArtGroup represent a new and exciting voice on the Canadian dance landscape, one that challenges our preconceived notions of dance and brings a cool, intelligent aesthetic to the stage. With his chronic irreverence, Gravel aims for dance that is not snobbish, dance that casually contains several levels of intelligence without being complicated. His choreographies are patchworks of deconstructed scenes presented in “best of” concert fashion, where he delights in exposing the inner workings of both the theatrical machine and the machinery of the emotions.

Active on the Montreal scene for the past ten years, Gravel turns the structures of choreography upside down, advocating the intermingling of cultures and disciplines his work encompassed various elements from rock and roll, performance art and contemporary dance and theatre. For more information go to :

This is Frédérick Gravel’s first presentation at the Canada Dance Festival.

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Tout se pète la gueule, Chérie is a coproduction of Festival TransAmériques in collaboration with Place des Arts and Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis (France) with the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and Daniel Léveillé danse.