Tuesday, June 10th, 8:30 p.m.

Wen Wei Dance (Vancouver) | 7th Sense









Photo by Chris Randle

Artistic Director Wen Wei Wang brings a cast of seven dancers to the stage in the spellbinding production, 7th Sense.  Wang’s evocative movement style creates visual metaphors in an exploration of human behaviour and what drives us. Stemming from the dichotomy of our need to be loved and the conflicting urge to maintain control, Wang and his dancers express our deepest emotions with elegant, aggressive physicality.

The tension between freedom and control provided the electricity and corporeal language for [7th Sense], traversing the performers’ lithe bodies with unsettling force. The work crackled with vitality through the constantly shifting patterns and relationships between the seven dancers.
– Tony Montague, Straight.com (Vancouver)

Cast: Alex Burton, Jung-Ah Chung, Alyson Fretz, Paxton Ricketts, Renée Sigouin, Brett Taylor, Wen Wei Wang.

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When: Tuesday, June 10th, 8:30 p.m.
Where: NAC Theatre, 53 Elgin Street
Tickets: $35 adults, $25 students, seniors and CADA members
Duration: 1 hr & 5 mins

About Wen Wei Dance:

Founded in 2003, Wen Wei Dance is a Vancouver-based contemporary dance company led by Artistic Director Wen Wei Wang.  The work created by Wen Wei Dance reflects a multiplicity of dance and social experiences influenced by the evolution of personal identity, and strives to reflect the underlying experience of social, cultural and personal development. Having created nine full-length works, including 7th Sense, the Company has most recently performed Unbound, which premiered at the 2006 Canada Dance Festival, in Shanghai and Beijing, China and at the prestigious Venice Biennale in Italy.  For more information, click here.

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7th Sense is a co-production of The CanDance Network Creation Fund, the National Arts Centre, L’Agora de la danse (Montreal), DanceHouse (Vancouver), Brian Webb Dance Company (Edmonton), and supported by Dance Section of the Canada Council for the Arts.